Friday, January 11, 2008

Proud, Sensible and Persuasive

It started as a trickle but by the middle of this week it had become a flood. I'm talking, of course, about the number of my (female) friends who have called or written to anticipate the PBS Austen-fest which starts this Sunday. So, in case you’ve managed to avoid all references, please consider this your invitation to…

Strap on your bonnets and round up your chaperones! Starting with Persuasion, PBS will screen all 6 Austen novels over the next 12 weeks. At least two of the productions will be new. I’m not sure which of the older productions we’ll be seeing. Apart from Mansfield Park (which I never liked), I’m looking forward to seeing the others again.

A (male) friend of mine once referred to any male character in a Jane Austen novel as ‘Mr. Will-o-Wispy.’ I think this is hilarious, and try to figure out which one is Mr. Will-o-Wispy in every story. Mr. Bingley in Pride & Prejudice. Mr. Willoughby in Sense & Sensibility. Anyone have suggestions for Northanger Abbey or Emma?.

For those who need Jane Austen related information on a frequent basis, please check out this blog. Very up-to-date on Austen related happenings, and also, pretty entertaining.

Have a good weekend. La!

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Geekwif said...

I haven't missed TV since we gave it up when we moved a couple months ago...until now. I can't believe I'm going to miss a PBS Austen-fest! I'm extremely disappointed.

I don't know about Northanger Abbey (it's the only Austen novel I haven't read), but in Emma I'd say he's Frank Churchill...maybe Mr., definitely Frank Churchill.