Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keepin' up with My Worryin'

I come from a long line of worriers. My great-aunt Margie used to say, “I’m gettin’ behind on my worryin’” and I have to say, I know exactly what that means.

These days I try to keep ahead of my worryin’. Always good to have done my worrying, so when the hypothetical occasion I’ve been worrying about becomes real, I’m already prepared with my worrying script, as it were.

Here’s what I’ve been worrying about lately:

- Matilda Rose – Heath Ledger’s daughter. So awful for such a little girl to lose her dad and then be hounded by the paparazzi through it all. She may not be hounded yet, but wait till they find her. Poor child.

- Deodorant. Not that it doesn’t work, but that it works really well and will eventually kill me.

- Other things I use everyday that science may eventually discover will kill me: chapstick, Dawn, silk long underwear, Jergen’s and Kiehl’s lotion, cheese, Brita water filters, paper towels, earrings, forks, etc.

- That after the hoopla of this election, everything will stay EXACTLY THE SAME.

- Even though I have NO PLANS to move, I worry about my eventual move. How will I move 2 (fat) cats who hate to fly or drive to my next home? I spend some time on this every week or so.

- Also move related: which items of furniture will I move, and which ones will I leave or sell and replace on the other end? This one can take up hours, especially on the weekends when I can wander around during daylight hours and view everything with a critical eye.

- That by the time I ever save up enough time and money to get back to Australia they’ll have changed it entirely and I won’t recognize it any more.

- That there are no interesting straight single men any more.

- Professional worries: fire and funding and legal issues, damage from sunlight, rogue moths, federal tax laws, storage space, how to display that bald eagle, and how to save my favorite elephant.

- I worry that ‘American Idol’ will never go away. It’s okay for now, but I do hope it’s not a permanent fixture in the world. Those poor people who honestly believe they can sing – I worry about their crushed egos. And about the tone-deaf world around them, which is apparently unfazed by the screeching sounds their favorite ‘singers’ make…

- That we’re going to go into another recession.

- Messy parts. Every morning when I ride the T I stand in front of people who were lucky enough to get seats and I look down on their heads. The number of messy parts on the heads of Boston’s workforce worries me a great deal. How will these people ever succeed or get promoted or be taken seriously?

- That I’ll never get to read a new Elizabeth Peters/Amelia Peabody book because I’ve read them all and she’s getting on in years and has lost interested in feeding my addiction.

- I worry that I’ve left something off this list.


Whiskeymarie said...

Right now I'm worried that I'm drinking too much caffeine and that If I don't feel like showering before work, will anyone notice?

"keepin' up with my worryin'"- that is hilarious. I want it on a t-shirt.

LaLa said...

And now I'm worried that Oprah is going to rampage her way through America's museums, manhandling treasures regardless of their delicacy...

HolyMama! said...

guess what? I HAVE messy parts. (although when i first read that, i got very concerned about your actual meaning, but now that i know you only mean it in the way that you do i can safely horrify you be telling you that my part is usually messy.)

and britney was left off. i think you worry about her.

Misslisslee said...

Elizabeth Peters has written a new Vicki Bliss book, and another Amelia is next. You can read her plans at Imagine - I followed a link from your sister's site, only to find another EP fan! Life is indeed more amazing than we think--