Thursday, January 24, 2008

Girl, Step AWAY from the Ruby Slippers!!!

This link was sent to me with a fairly “isn’t it shocking?” and ‘tsk-tsk’ preface. As I read the article, I was not at all shocked. I couldn’t figure out where the shock came in.

And then.

I scrolled down…

To the pictures and the dialogue…

And I literally gasped aloud. I may have even put a hand over my heart to stop it from failing.

Museum person’s cardinal rule: Don’t manhandle the treasures. And definitely don’t WAVE THEM AROUND.

New rule: Don’t let billionaires who won’t let anyone be the boss of them near the treasures.

The woman should be ashamed of herself.


Annette Piper said... No respect AT ALL!

Whiskeymarie said...

I think sometimes Oprah forgets that she's not queen of the world.
I like her and all, but she really just doesn't think sometimes. Well, other than to think of how special she is.

Kristen Ruby "Lips" Woodard aka Smack Bauer #24 said...

so funny to read this: i knew exactly what your post title meant before i read it...i saw that oprah show when it aired. i surprised myself by shouting "NO!" at the TV when she waved them around...i put my hands up, like i was going to stop her?!?! just a reflex from the UTTER DISBELIEF that she was waving them around like that; especially after the man just explained the lengths they go to preserve them. geez!