Friday, August 31, 2007

So if it LOOKS like a smelly cat...?

I've seen a completely baffling television commercial several times this week. It's for some brand of kitty litter that apparently turns blue. This turning blue thing is Big News according to the commercial, because it warns you that there's about to be a smell.

Hang on a sec.

I'm confused.

Doesn't the smell warn you... when there's a... smell?

I don't know who developed this product, but as a cat owner with many years of cat co-residence in my life, I have never, not even once, toodled along to the litter box to have a peek at the contents just for the fun of it, or even for research purposes. I don't care if they develop a product that sparkles and sings, I'm still not going to stick my head in and have a look-see.

I wonder just what audience they're catering to that needs a visual warning of an oncoming smell?

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Pumpkin said...

Maybe it's really aimed at those men who have cats that....well......don't change the litter enough......I don't know anyone like that ofcourse, just theorising here....

Or maybe it's really for colour co-ordination with blue bathroom tiles.......

Hmmmmm, yeah, really does make no sense......but it's nice to know there's someone out there spending their time with a cat litter box and a cat who's being made to do it's business several times a day so that the owner can watch the little bits of gravelly stuff, turn a pretty colour???????

Cool post.....any more news on the mice?

Have a great weekend!