Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bits & Pieces

It was 61 degrees in my office this morning, but 82 degrees in my apartment. My quest for temperate climates remains unsuccessful.

I had to call a monastery today. One of the sisters there is interested in making a donation to the museum’s collection. The first sister I spoke with whispered and I began to whisper back – it felt sort of rude to keep talking in my suddenly-too-loud everyday voice. The second sister spoke up like a non-sister, and even gave me her email address. Even contemplative nuns have email addresses. I’m so tickled by that.

For anyone with an interest in piecrust: I have discovered that using half butter and half Crisco makes a far more use-friendly crust than a crust made solely with butter. It’s lighter, stretchier to roll and flakier when baked. This is perhaps not news to many of you. I, however, was thrilled with my discovery.

My roommate leaves today for a 3 week trip to India – and incidentally to attend her own wedding there. For reasons that still aren’t entirely clear to me, I was given a pink net scarf with silver jingly shiny things on the ends – maybe just for being the roommate of the bride…? I like it. It’s sparkly and jingly. Some days that’s just the ticket.

Postscript to the nun story: they have their own website and they sell candy they make at the abbey (for fundraising purposes). Deeply delicious looking candy. I believe I will be trying some in the near future.

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