Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Bits & Pieces

My computer access is limited to the point that I CAN’T STAND IT NO MORE! Obviously, it is restricted so badly that I’m driven to bad grammar merely to express my frustration. I do hope to solve this problem in the near future. Very near. Practically the present. SOON.

I apologize for the patchy blogs - it's all computer related at the moment. (Sometimes it's because my thoughts are patchy, but this time I blame it all on the hardware.)

As I walked to work this morning I passed a man in a grey business suit standing on the sidewalk YELLING into his cell phone in a manner that suggested he had left his patience on the table at home. “Jean… no, Jean… LISTEN TO ME, Jean. I don’t have your beets. I have no idea what happened to your beets. I DIDN’T TOUCH YOUR BEETS.” I have never in all my life heard anyone get that het up about beets.

I went to my water aerobics class on Tuesday. Couple observations from this that I feel I should share:

1) JFK’s head now flaunts a sporty set of sunshades. It’s both funnier and a little creepier than without the shades. I mean. I think it’s funny that JFK watches water aerobics in the first place. But with the shades on, it’s hard to guess where his stony gaze might be resting. And you know Jack. He was one to keep an eye on.

2) I apparently spent the ENTIRE HOUR of the class with a large black speck between two of my front teeth and NO ONE told me. My friend Miss Krafty wasn’t there that night – off observing her wedding anniversary, bless – so there were no obvious candidates for telling me about the speck. Here’s my thinking: TELL ME. I don’t care if you think it’s rude, or if you’re afraid I’ll freak out. I won’t. I will be far more embarrassed an hour later to get home and realize that I’ve been sporting Pirate Mouth in public. I know some people get all freaked out about the idea of telling a stranger about a speck, or being told by a stranger. I think that a brief moment of awkwardness between strangers is a far more appealing option than finding out hours later that you’ve been flashing a Lunch Postscript at the world every time you open your mouth.

My 3 year old nephew Caden has followed in his brother’s footsteps, developing a fondness for big words, and a knack for narrative. My sister apparently walked into the big room in their house the other day and stepped in something.

K: Ew. What was that?

C: I did not do that.

K: Okay. But what is it?

C: I did not do that. It is DISGUSTING, but I did not do it.

I think that’s a very tidy little summary of the facts: disgusting, and not my fault. These are important facts to put in order, whether you’re 3 or any age.

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Pumpkin said... the 'disgusting and I didn't do it'. Classic line that I think my own son could use from time to time.

Computers are temperamental things, and I think if you haven't thrown it through a window yet, you have more self control than most people I know!!!

I'm glad you liked the photos, I have other, more dramatic shots of the Cairngorms that I'm going to be putting on soon, hope you like....OH, and thank the almighty cloud maker (hmmmm weather???!!!)....someone else likes clouds, makes me happy to know I'm not the only one for the bizarre but gorgeous Scottish skys'!!!

Please feel free to use 'Blame it on the hedgehogs) as much as possible, and if you do print it on a t-shirt, take a wee pic, because I'd love to see how it turned out!

Hang in there with the computer!

ps thanks for the kind birthday wishes, it's the end of September and I'll let you know how many cocktails I thoroughly my tolerance, I'm thinking 2 before I get put to my bed whilst singing 'Flower of Scotland'!