Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Legumes, and Cat Appreciation

First of all, thank you for the kitty compliments. You're so right: they are quite good-looking! I told them they were famous but got no response. No response, but also - thankfully - no hairball.

Today is a crazy day at the museum. I am channeling that half of the Wonder Twins who always assumes the form of something made of water. I am going to be a hurricane. A very organized hurricane of gale-force accomplishment. Do not get in my way. I will organize you. Activate!

So to keep you distracted while I'm off organizing the Eastern seaboard, I give you a little poem I wrote last year when my sister and I got into a lively discussion of exactly how to pronounce the word 'legumes.' (The title MIGHT indicate where I stand on that issue. And believe me. It IS an issue.)


We eat them –
every day –
without saying their name.

That rare and sincere bean,
full of protein
unpolluted, clean.

Be not afraid.
It’s not a magic bean,
fated to surprise you
by fulfilling your wishes.

It’s just a bean.
Say it with me:

A mouthful of
language and food,
best served with corn bread.



Pumpkin said...

Lmao......I'll go with your pronunciation since it also comes with it's very own stylised poem.....fantastic!!!!!!

Jeana said...

Will wonders never cease? I went over to the dictionary all ready to be IN YOUR FACE and my pronunciation is not only the preferred one, it's not even an alternate.

(out of your face)