Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Reading List

Since I’ve never really gotten organized to develop a blog roll, and since it would change so often that maintaining it would become a major task anyway, I figured today would be a nice day to let you in on some of my favorite reads.

For a daily dose of ‘what’s going on over there?’

HolyMama! (aka my sister)

Days to Come (blog friend Jeana is by turns thoughtful and hilarious)


Time & Place (new blogger - with a new baby! - and old friend)

Pumpkin’s Seeds

Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds (home of some of my favorite modern fairy tales – read up on her chocolate gas station or Tomato Man posts)

For crafty inspiration

Angry Chicken (beautiful photographs - and I love her book, "Bend the Rules Sewing")

Not Martha

Yarn Harlot

For the food-obsessed

Bon Appegeek (Say it with me now, "Yum.")

Chocolate Obsession

For blogging technical assistance

Blogging Basics 101 (brilliant resource)

For a Jane Austen fix

Austenblog... she’s everywhere (I’m so entertained that this blog exists.)

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