Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The weather inside is frightful

It is 64.3 degrees in my office. I took a reading with my handy temperature/humidity meter. I call it my 'ometer because I'm a scientific sort of person.

I've resisted using my 'ometer to gauge just how cold it is in here for more than a week now because really, did I need to know to the tenth of a degree? But I gave in today when I decided that using real numbers (to the tenth of a degree) might help me make a case to the building managers that this is not a work environment I can survive without chilblains. Honestly, I can tell how long I've been at my desk by how well I can feel my toes.

I should be grateful for small mercies though. Last week it was even colder. I told my boss (who works in another part of the building) that if a young visitor happened to wander up to my office door and stick his tongue to it, he wouldn't be able to unstick it. My office is officially winter.


Jeana said...

Maybe it's needed to keep taxidermied elephants fresh? Or even, to render the taxidermy part unnecessary. Budget cuts, you know. Why go through all that process when you can just hang them on a chain from the ceiling, meat locker style?

Oldqueen44 said...

Sounds unbearable to me. I don't think I could function.