Friday, June 15, 2007

One of those days

Let’s go back in time…

12.40 pm

I arrive at the B—Club on the 36th floor of a building on Federal Street to meet my Favorite Board Member for lunch. Hugs and warm welcome. Lunching and chatting ensue. I adore my FBM because she is a patient and generous woman.

12.25 pm

I arrive at the B—Club on the 33rd floor of a building on State Street to meet my Favorite Board Member for lunch. Although I am 25 minutes late, my FBM does not seem to be there. When we last spoke on the phone she was there waiting for me. Confusion reigns. The chatelaine of the club has never heard of my FBM. I call FBM and learn that I am at a similarly-named but very different B—Club on the wrong floor in the wrong building on the wrong side of downtown. Feel moronic. Leave in a business-casual sprint to meet her in the correct place. Sooo did not wear the right shoes for this kind of activity.

12.10 pm

Set out for the B—Club armed with directions. Beautiful sunny day, nice walk. In a little hurry though ‘cause I’m late and don’t want to keep my FBM waiting.

12.05 pm

Stop in the business office of the museum to ask fundraiser types (who are more likely to know where this building is) for directions. One of them looks it up for me and gives me the directions. I call FBM and tell her I’m on my way.

12.00 pm

Leave my office to meet FBM for lunch. Halfway down the stairs realize that while I know it’s at the B—Club, and I’ve met her there before, and in fact I remember being quite enchanted by the lovely view of all of Boston from the vantage point of a skyscraper dining establishment, I really have no idea which of the downtown skyscrapers it’s in and need to ask someone for directions.

10.10 am

Emails between me and my Favorite Board Member confirming our appointment for lunch at noon at the B—Club.

9.00 am

Pleasantly surprised to discover that a) it’s a sunny day for a change and b) it’s a full 70 livable degrees in my office. I can tell it’s going to be a good day.

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Jeana said...

But where will you keep your meat with temps like that in the office? The powers that be obviously did not think this through.