Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fake diamonds can be a girl's best friend

Why are tiaras not everyday wear? I don’t understand.

Last night I helped a friend try on approximately 58 wedding dresses. She found the PERFECT dress and we were all very happy. Everyone oohed and aahed appropriately. It’s really true – when the Right Dress appears everyone just instinctively knows it. That doesn’t stop us all from trying on the remaining 55 dresses, but still. We knew.

But back to tiaras. For me, one of the perks of getting to muscle my friend in and out of literally tons of satin more times than I can count, was being in a room full of tiaras. So of course I wore one. In fact, over the course of the evening, I wore three.

Now, even though I am originally from Texas, I had never before heard the Siren Call of the Tiara. I’m all for rhinestones, but I have to admit that in the past I had even scoffed at the very notion of a tiara.

No more.

I am a Tiara Convert.

I don’t know why we don’t all wear them more often. They’re easy to wear. Smack one on your head and you’re done. They brighten up any outfit (I was in a Gap pink button up shirt complete with pizza stains from dinner and I looked quite smart in my sparkly crown). They make you feel slightly taller and more prize-winning than you usually do. I’m telling you, I am genuinely mystified why a world that has sanctioned legwarmers MORE THAN ONCE mind you, has yet to endorse the daily addition of a tiara to any fashion-forward woman’s ensemble.

Bad hair day? I recommend a tiara. Feeling blah? I recommend a tiara. Going out with your tall skinny friend? I recommend a tiara. Feel like eating a dozen cookies and defying anyone, ANYONE, to say anything about it? I recommend a tiara (and a ‘just try it’ gleam in your eye).

I’m telling you. Rhinestone therapy. It works.

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Oldqueen44 said...

Beside it can remind us that we are a princess, a child of the King.