Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Geek Alert

I went to a museum training seminar yesterday that was WAY FUN. Seriously. I loved it. It was a half-day dollop of applicable practicality and that is sooooo satisfying.

We were discussing ways to mount objects for display that will keep the objects safe. Welding brass rods, bending plexi or acrylic tubes and shelves using a heat table, modifying mannequins for antique costumes – all were on the menu both as topics and as hands-on activities.

They also fed us - boxed lunches from a local bakery. Yum.

My favorite part (aside from lunch): discovering 3/8” polyethylene strap. I’m serious. This product opens whole new worlds of possibility. It’s thin, soft, flexible, barely visible, and I can use it to hold objects in place without causing any damage or visual distraction. I get little professional thrills just imagining all of the ways I can use it to improve safety and aesthetics in museum displays.

I warned you it was a geek moment.

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l-bean said...

I must know more about this. Seriously.