Friday, May 4, 2007

Presidential Privilege

For those of you who don't live in Museum World, you probably won't be surprised to hear that those of us who DO live in Museum World have our own list serves. Most of the time the list serve is a good source of collegial expertise, sometimes it's a good source of humor, and some days it's just an exercise for the old Delete key.

Here's my latest favorite quote from the list serve:

"We have a table owned by President Millard Fillmore. I once wrote a label that said:
'This table was once owned by Millard Fillmore. Unless you have been President of the United States, do not touch or put anything on it.' "

This is solid gold humor in the museum world. In posts to come I will highlight more museum humor. Don't be afraid.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just caught up on your recent posts and your profile. On the topic of Willie Nelson - can you name the song that contains the line "she tied me to the kitchen chair"?
A quote from a description of a garment made of beads "This piece is a part of a larger series that includes WATER, EARTH, AIR and CHOCOLATE - all essential elements in the magic of the life process."

HolyMama! said...


that is one weird anonymous commenter you have there....

um. i'm glad you told me that was solid gold humor, because i would NOT have known. really.

signed, not a Museum World dweller, and don't get the humor there

LaLa said...

For non-family readers, let me introduce J-Mom ( my mother) and HolyMama (my sister).