Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunshine and Apples

The sun is out!!! It's so pretty today. There's a line in The Great Gatsby about "twinklebells of sunshine" bouncing across a floor - there are TONS of sunny twinklebells bouncing around out there today. It's glorious.

It's almost miraculous what a difference this makes in my mood personally and the mood of the city in general. Everyone seems more cheerful and sparkly and playful. Of course, it helps that it's Friday and we're all looking forward to the first sunny warm weekend of the year. We're like kids on the last day of school, barely held in check by routine.

And I am heading to NY to visit friends and to forget about all things Boston for 2 whole days. I plan to throw a frisbee in Central Park. This may not sound glamorous or important to you but believe me, this is a portentous statement. I've only thrown a frisbee one other time in the past 10 years and that too was thrown in Central Park on a glorious sunny weekend. It is a sign of perfect leisure in my book.

So, wearing my apple green blazer, I'm heading out into the sun to visit the Big Apple. I hope your weekend is also full of sunshine!

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