Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sitting on Cheese

Perhaps you're one of those curious people who *wonders* things all the time: I wonder why that woman chose those pants? I wonder what mustard tastes like on chocolate? I wonder why mustard and chocolate - two things that can go so far on their own to make bland things taste better - taste so BAD together?

I'm only a dabbler at wondering. Which is why the Cheese Seats caught me completely unawares.

We have these new seats in the museum. They look like brightly colored foam cubes on legs. That is, in fact, exactly what they are. In the midst of a very busy day of dashing hither and yon, I stopped mid-dash to rest a sec on one of the bright foam cubes. The foam sinks a little when you sit on it. Not much - the foam is somewhere between the firmness of styrofoam and the squishy-ness of memory foam. And that's when it hit me: this is what it feels like to sit on a big block of cheddar cheese.

I got up. I have not sat there again. It wasn't unpleasant. It was just too... cheesy.

Remember when it was 'thought the moon was made of green cheese'? We have a green foam cube in our museum that you can sit on while you wonder what that might be like.

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