Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Run over by Nuns, Impersonated by a Flower

My Super Tuesday is way more strange than super.

It’s gray and rainy here. This morning on the way to the T station I stood at the side of my local crosswalk in my highly visible red coat, carrying a red umbrella, and nearly got run over by two nuns in a Nissan minivan.

Getting run over is unfortunately pretty common at that crosswalk, but the nuns were a new twist.

At work this morning a colleague – we’ll call him John – stopped to tell me that he’d gotten a call from my friend Rose (or Rosie). Unless I’ve suffered and forgotten a recent bout of amnesia, I don’t believe I have a friend named Rose. Or Rosie. I said this and John looked puzzled. Apparently Rose had called him on Sunday afternoon because the e-gift of wine glasses I’d sent her was of the wrong size (or wrong some other way – John wasn’t clear). The return number on her receipt was John’s cell phone number.

WEIRD. I mean. I don't know anyone who uses the phrase 'e-gift' in everyday speech. Also, I haven't e-gifted wine glasses in, well, ever. So. All the usual similar/stolen identity questions apply – as do the requisite icky-shimmies – but that she would call someone I work with, whose phone number in no way resembles mine… It’s just WEIRD.

Rose’s number is from California. I left her a message, but don’t have high hopes she’ll return my call.

Did the earth wobble a little today? Anyone else having a day full of small bizarre things?


Whiskeymarie said...

I'm having a bizarro week, if that helps.

HolyMama! said...

hey! whatever happened with this anyway?