Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rodent Redux

Dear Mouse,

Yay! You're back! I've really missed you. It just hasn't been the same here since your last visit.

I know my owner feels the same. She stood transfixed when we both spotted you on the stove last night. When she did finally speak, I noticed she used that special voice she reserves only for you. And before we went off to bed, she left you a goody bag that smelled like peanut butter. So thoughtful!

Just so you know, I'm ready to play. I've been practicing my moves on fuzzy soft toys, but when you're ready I feel sure I can beat you at Chase and Hide & Seek. (House rules: I always Chase, you always Hide.)

Can't wait! See you in the kitchen tonight. You'll have my undivided attention.




Good grief. It's you again – vile, repulsive, gross... Why are you here? Is this a plague? A curse? I'm onto you early this time. You're going down. I will not be invaded and harassed. I set a trap. Body count is now 1. I set another trap. You should relocate, dude. I don't care how cute you were in Cinderella – I don't want you in my house.

My cats may not know how to kill you, but I do. And besides, if they get a-hold of you, you'll be played to death over many days. Seriously. This is not a mouse-friendly home.

Get out of here. You disgust me.



Hey Wilkie – What are you staring at? LaLa, when's dinner?

Sandpaper kisses,



HolyMama! said...

you really need charlo to come play backup, wilks.

Geekwif said...

Dear Wilkie,

Dead mice are better than live ones. I know, I know. The live ones are SO much more fun to play with, but the dead ones get you a LOT of attention. Trust me, if you manage to kill that mouse cleanly, LaLa will be very grateful and will probably even give you a reward.

Just a hint from one hunter to another.


P.S. You might want to tell Dickens to lay off the catnip.