Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Five Second Rule... or Three Days?

You know that ‘rule’ that says if you drop something on a clean-looking surface you can still eat it as long as it doesn’t stay dropped for more than 5 seconds? I live by this rule. I think it’s logical.

And thinking along those same logical lines, I decided I’d like a similar rule for haircuts. (Unlike toddlers or pets the world over, I will never drop something, leave it and then eat it 3 days later.)

The 3-Day Haircut Rule would go something like this: you get a hair cut. You wait 3 days. You go back to the scene of the haircut and review its success with the person who gave it to you. Revisions can be made at that time. At no extra charge. No hard feelings on either side.

Now I know that (according to urban myth) some people have the sort of relationship with their hair-cutter-person that allows them to go back and smilingly say, “Lordy, Monsier Louie, but you really messed up my hair this time! It’s shorter on this side than the other and altogether I look like a menacing poodle!” And Monsieur Louie smilingly does his level best to resolve your hair issues at no extra charge and there’s no further conflict between you. I do not have such a relationship with my hair-cutter-person. I never have. To be honest, I doubt anyone does. My reaction to the discovery that the somewhat chic haircut I got at the salon has turned, one day later, into something resembling a hair-colored fez is to swear a lot, buy a hat, and never go back to that hair-cutter-person. Avoidance, not conversation, is the key strategy here.

So I think the 3-Day Haircut Rule should become an industry standard. If it’s standard practice for hair-cutter-people to sculpt your newly cut hair into some sort of bizarre ‘do you’ll never want or be able to reproduce in your own home, then shouldn’t there be a grace period that allows you to go home, treat your hair like you always do, and discover if the new cut has hidden sinister qualities?

I think so.

Hence, the 3-Day Haircut Rule is born. Let your hair-cutter-person know, let them all know. In particular, could you notify the hair-cutter-people I’ve been avoiding for years? I’d appreciate it.


l-bean said...

I once had such a relationship with my hairdresser. Penny did my hair while in grad school. She was a goddess. A GODDESS! I could go in with an idea of what I wanted, and she knew me and my hair so well that she would tell me "no" when she knew it wouldn't work for me or my hair. She also knew what I was and wasn't willing to do when it came to doing my hair and made adjustments to my 'do accordingly. It was wonderful.

I moved away from Penny 9 years ago. In that time, I've found one person I've been back to more than once. And, that was only in the last year. She's not fabulous like Penny, but she doesn't screw anything up. At this point, that's all I hope for.

Pumpkin said...

Yup, 3 day hair cutter rule works for me hun.....infact, considering I once went to a 'recommended' hair salon in Glasgow (note they've since went out of business)and they BURNT THE PIGMENT OUT OF MY HAIR.......I think this rule should be part of governmental laws (who can I write a letter to about this?????) as the government who put this rule in place, would have lots of happy women running around feeling pretty and blissfull........and blissfull women make eager voters.....original political strategy perhaps?
Since that awful day (I still get cold sweats from it) I only let my friend cut my hair......which means as she is in Scotland and I am not....regular haircute are pretty difficult, but a good excuse for a visit home!