Monday, July 9, 2007

A Face Only a Mother Could Love...

Or so you might think. But you'd be wrong.

I recently took this little critter for a walk through the museum, changing his storage location. Visitors reacted as if he were Elvis, Big Bird or the long-lost Anastasia. Crowds formed around us, cooing and aahing. I was obviously just his personal assistant, the pesky one who was coming between the star and his fans.

I guess some people really LOVE turtles.

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l-bean said...

There's one staff member and a number of volunteers who just about go crazy any time we get new items donated that they've caught a look at. I swear, everything we get is the most amazing thing, AND I have to listen to stories about how they/someone they know has the same/very similar item(s). We haven't gotten any turtles, but if they could see the alligator skull and mammoth and mastodon teeth we're looking at today-- they'd probably flip out.