Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring! (Shhh, Don't Scare It Away)

This morning it was 52° in Boston. That was the STARTING temperature. That’s AMAZING!!! I got ready for work today and left my hat, scarf and gloves at home. I wore a coat but left it unbuttoned. I know it won’t last but I can’t help being completely thrilled that today is not cold. I walked to the T station without once glaring or muttering vindictively at the shrinking piles of snow and ice, happy in the knowledge that by the end of today they’d be all melted away.

Yesterday my sister called and asked in her Deep Dark Concerned voice if we were experiencing rotten weather in Boston. And while I’m usually quick to reply ‘Yes of course’ to such a question, yesterday I was surprised and pleased to be able to say, “Why no. It is, in fact, in the upper 40s today. Not sunny, but not raining either. We’re quite close to balmy, now that you mention it.” And in her Bright and Shocked voice, Kelsey answered, “Seriously?! Because it’s snowing like crazy here and looks like a blizzard!”

Now, I know that it is perverse and ungenerous of me, but I get extremely happy whenever I hear that Texas is having worse weather than Boston. It so rarely happens. And Kelsey is so big-hearted that she calls me – usually on purpose – to tell me when it’s happening. She knows it’s one of my greatest small pleasures.

But yesterday was a bonus. She genuinely thought we were having it bad and had called to commiserate.

I’m happy to say that while it will probably pour down a deluge this afternoon, it will be a WARM deluge, and I won’t mind. It will probably bound back down south like a timid woodland creature by the end of the week, but for now, Spring is in Boston.

Everyone, sigh with contentment.


Jeana said...


Are you still using your work e-mail addy? I can't find your other.

HolyMama! said...

heh heh

it was 80 today

(bighearted! aw!!)

Geekwif said...

My friend in Tennessee always calls me when they have "bad" weather. She gets very little sympathy from me though since it's generally about 20 degrees colder here than there...okay, maybe in the summer when it's 100 there and 80 here.

I'm wishing we had a little of your spring here in Wisconsin. I'm trying to feel good about reaching the 30s this week.

Whiskeymarie said...

In-between my shivering I am seething with jealousy.
I can't wait for spring.