Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Means Chick-a-wow-wow

I just came back from almost 2 weeks in Texas, also known as the Land of Nephews. They are all adorable and precocious and endlessly fascinating. Despite certain play-time crowd scenes and noise levels that could lead one to suspect a much higher number, I have 3 nephews.

In case you were wondering, that is the EXACT SAME NUMBER as the number of chipmunks in the Chipmunk Movie seen constantly on television commercials (and presumably movie screens) everywhere these days.

Okay, here's where we venture into the interactive form of blogging. Please, follow these instructions: Stand up. Now put both hands up on your head, with your elbows out. Bend your knees just a little. Starting with your hips, do a little crazy side-to-side shimmy, letting your ribs, knees and elbows get into the act. Add just a little up and down motion with your torso and purr, “Chick-a-wow-wow, Chick-a-wow-wow.” Grin mischievously and let your eyes sparkle.

You have just re-enacted one of my 3-year-old nephew's favorite moves, one that totally dominated this holiday season's family-time. He chick-a-wow-wowed through play time, nap time, dinner time, bath time and car time. The first time he did it he caught us all by surprise. We roared laughing and of course that first big response landed us in a cycle of never-ending chick-a-wow-wows. And it's catching – my mom, sister and I have all been known to chick-a-wow-wow. As far as I can tell, no one is immune. Eventually, you just have to try it yourself.

Go on. I know you want to.

Chick-a-wow-wow. It means, 'happy holidays!'


Anonymous said...

there were LOTS of chick a wow wows here today! all caden-3yr!


Whiskeymarie said...

I did the Chick-a-wow-wow dance just now.
I may incorporate it into my regular routine: step, kick, shimmy, twist, step right, step left, Chiak-a-wow-wow, and bow.

Rimshot said...


Thanks for that!