Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Do-Over Please

This morning I was confronted with the harsh reality that I am a shallow, superficial, easily distracted person, no matter how worthwhile the main attraction may be.

I have the depth of saran wrap, y'all.

I was sitting in a meeting full of intelligent passionate people, talking about socially and educationally invaluable community programs and all I could think was, "Why? Why? WHY wear olive green ribbed tights with brown work boots and a navy mini dress and a logo t-shirt?"

To be perfectly honest, as horrified as I was to face my own shallowness, it was much harder for me to face that set of wardrobe choices and concentrate successfully on the topic at hand.

I kept thinking, "If this were a television show or a cartoon I could call on some sort of metaphysical 'Pause' button and while everyone else is frozen - like Hiro's power from Heroes! - I could run up there and do-over the speaker's clothes. That would be so satisfying! She's tall and striking. What could I put on her that would make me take her seriously?" At that point I had to jerk my attention back to the socially and educationally invaluable community programs. It's one thing to be distracted by unfortunate clothes. It's another to let myself wander off into the ideal hypothetical wardrobe to re-dress a person who is a) not related to me, b) will never ever share clothes with me and c) has not (yet) had the inspiration to ask for my wardrobe help.

It would be much more worthwhile (and less like LaLa: The Comic Book) if I spent my energies devising a do-over for my own easily-distracted attention span.



HolyMama! said...

i'm betting she wasn't wearing a killer lip gloss either, huh?

did you know smashbox discontinued sassy? really!

Pumpkin said...

Hey hun, it's a known fantasy of a friend of mine to be able to take aside the 'unfortunately dressed' and give them some pointers (I was one who actually asked her to do it), so you're not alone!

Thanks for reminding me of the atrocity I commited by forgetting one of the sexiest men and tv programmes ever to be made from my list....and as a wee way of saying thanks, I've posted a wee something for you at my blog, come take a peek.