Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shopping Tips from the Most Insensitive Person Ever

After work tonight I drove around running errands – picking up drycleaning, going to Home Depot. (I always try to visit Home Depot wearing my girliest clothes. The service is much snappier.)

As I was sitting at a light not really listening to the radio I gradually tuned in to what I was hearing. It was a commercial and it started off something like, “Are you having trouble finding Christmas gifts for those friends who have everything?” I thought to myself, ‘Hm, I know a few people like that.’ So I began to pay closer attention. The cheerful radio Voice continued:

“Well, how about getting them a little confidence? Everyone can always use a little more confidence.” Or something cheesy like that. At this point my own initial spike of interest and confidence in the radio Voice was beginning to fade. Rapidly.

The fade turned into a complete black-out when the Voice got to the punch-line:

“Why not give your friend the gift of laser hair removal?”



That idea had never crossed my mind. Not even once, and I’ve been giving gifts to people for YEARS.

I’ve honestly spent some time this evening trying to picture it and I just cannot come up with any conceivable scenario in which giving someone laser hair removal would be okay. Also, I suspect if someone did surprise you with a certificate for laser hair removal, that unwrapping that particular gift might possibly have the most disastrous effect on your self-confidence EVER.

So I’m thinking the radio Voice belongs to a person who may not understand what gift-giving is supposed to be about – also, the Voice seems to be a little unclear on the meaning of the word ‘confidence.’


HolyMama! said...

you're the best giftgiver EVER - those stupid ads might mislead people not so talented as yourself.

i'd be horrified.

Jeana said...

It sounds like your brother-in-law could use some kind of hair removal.

J-mom said...

I agree with Jeana -it is a perfect gift for someone who has just about everything except equally weighted eyebrows. Maybe that was the commercial's target audience.

Geekwif said...

That's about as tacky as giving the gift of deodorant.

Angela said...


if you ever want to give me laser hair removal, i'll take it...

do you know how EXPENSIVE it is?

but tacky as a gift for your non-crazy friends (and especially in front of a group of people), well...i have to agree...

as for less tacky, i will be getting you something from Condoms to Go for Christmas...