Sunday, May 18, 2008

Domestic Confessions

- I have a tea towel problem.

- I hate vacuuming. It makes me swear. Seriously. My mental monologue while vacuuming would shock you.

- I thought I was going to confess the really embarrassing tunes I have on my ipod but I’m not. I’ll admit to having Juice Newton,* Maroon 5, a remake of ‘Conjunction Junction’ and a swing version of Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ but other than that, the embarrassing stuff is staying in the vault. For my ears only. (* Seriously, you have to watch the video. She's no actress, our Juice. But she is a little twisted.)

- I can go a VERY LONG TIME between laundry loads because I own more underwear than is on sale at Macy’s.

- The bathtub is literally my cleanliness blind spot – naturally I don’t wear my glasses while taking a shower and since I’m in there GETTING CLEAN it never occurs to me that the tub itself could be dirty. (I usually clean it before visitors arrive. Ahem. Mom, it’s ALWAYS clean for your visits.)

- I treat my living room like a clothesline. I don’t like to put most of my clothes in the dryer (they last longer if I don’t) and I don't have a yard with a clothesline, so I hang them up all around the living room. Sometimes it’s like a laundry festival in here.

- I have an egg pan. I get real grumpy if someone cooks non-egg substances in it. (Except bacon. It's hard to get grumpy about bacon.)

- I would bake pretty much every day if I had the chance and a calories-free pass to do so. As it is I wait for occasions, bake, and then give away the leftovers.

- Love houseplants but can’t have ‘em. Dickens would eat them and then hork them up all over the house.

- A fair amount of storage space in my home is always given over to ‘personal archive’ space. I give a lot of old clothes, books and household items to Goodwill but certain items, while no longer in style or the right size or whatever, I’ll never give away. They go in the archive.


Jeana said...

I don't see the problem with the tea towels. And I love the London transport one!

Whiskeymarie said...

I feel that one can NEVER have too many kitchen towels. Ever.

I love baking too, but don't do it as much as you'd think as I am making an honest effort to not be morbidly obese, and cookies just don't help at all with that.

L-bean said...

1. I'm trying to have a tea towel problem. I ask for them as gifts for every occasion.

2. I hate doing dishes. Really, I'd rather do just about anything so that I wouldn't have to do dishes. Luckily for me, I've married a man who will do them for me. He once said to me, "Baby, you shouldn't have to do dishes." He's so right.

HolyMama! said...

i completely forgot what i was going to say after reading l-bean's comment.


that's the stuff romance novels are made of...

chaybee said...

Ahh..your confessions make me miss you even more! A trip to Texas soon? We read Color Kittens last night and Rees LOVED it. I'll send you a photo of her in her Aunt LaLa outfit..