Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tacos Put Out Fires!

Donate that taco!

"In a promotion Taco Bell promised a FREE taco to everyone in America if a player steals a base in the 2007 MLB World Series. The other night Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox did just that. Now America gets their free taco."

And you COULD pick one up between 2 and 5 today. But if you don't want to (which is a personal matter, strictly between you and your taco), you can "donate" your taco (or the price thereof anyway) to the Red Cross for relief for the California wildfires.



Jeana said...

I'm assuming the donated tacos would not have a side of Fire sauce?

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

What a wicked awesome suggestion.

Honestly, though, I think your suggestion is more than wonderful and I have told everyone I know to do this.

I live in New England, but I lived in San Diego for 4 years (many, many years ago). The devastation is tragic. I understand that millions of free tacos were comsumed... so perhaps millions of $s will come from your sense of humanity. Let's hope so.

Thanks to Tacoby Bellsbury and YOU!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

Whiskeymarie said...

O.k, "donate your taco" is the funniest phrase I've heard all week.

I will go donate my taco now, to redeem myself for making fun of the phrase "donate your taco."

Cocoa said...

I'm pleased to inform you that you won one of my $25 Lands' End gift cards as part of the Fall Y'all giveaway!!! E-mail me your address so I can send it in the mail next week whenever I get to town. (I live 45 minutes from the nearest town). Email is on my profile page. Thanks!

Kelsey said...

you LOVE land's end! how cool!